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Monday, August 13, 2012

Thank God for the ferris wheel

Thank God for the Ferris Wheel

I highly anticipate the arrival of the carnival. I do every year; I anticipate it with a forgetful enthusiasm. Over the winter I forget about the inescapable heat, the nausea (caused by greasy food and shaky rides), the long lines of gape mouthed country folk spitting and rubbing their bellies with swollen fingers. I forget about the high-ticket prices and sickly smell of overflowing port-o-potties and cotton candy. These realities have no place in my mind for how the carnival will be this year.

This year the carnival will be different. It will fulfill my hopes and desires. The lines will be shorter, the rides faster, the food less disgusting and maybe, just maybe I will see you again.

It was you, wedged in between the raucousness of drunken thrill seekers, that caught my eye. Admist the loud noises and bright lights of a carnival in full swing, you stood gracefully taking it all in. You, a beautiful visage amongst the dull citizenry.

Thank god for the Ferris wheel. It scooped us up and lifted us above the bedlam below. When we reached the top; a miracle, the Ferris wheel broke. The forty five minutes we stalled out so high above the fray seemed like two days. It was quiet; we talked, and teased and laughed. When we finally kissed the Ferris wheel cranked back to life and we began our slow decent back into the carnival where the drunken masses engulfed us once more.

I anticipate the arrival of the carnival. I do every year.

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